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NEW! lOCKDOWN systems

Many schools now have CCTV, Access Control and Barriers to help protect staff, students and parents, but do you have a Lockdown system in place?


If your school or organisation needs a flexible and cost effective system that can integrate in with your existing CCTV, PA system, then​Camsec are pleased to introduce Netgenium's IP Lockdown system, which is now compatible with Hikvision and many other systems.


Netgenium is an award-winning manufacturer of solutions that take advantage of the IP network. They are a UK based manufacturer who offers a range of IP based solutions that when combined can create an intelligent, scalable and feature-rich security system.The Netgenium range of IP PoE Active Speakers can provide a variety of intelligent solutions. It can operate as a traditional PA system with the benefits of IP or can work very well alongside other systems such as CCTV, Access Control, IP Telephony etc

The systems have the ability to work together so a push of a button, click on a screen or swipe of a smart card could send a site into Lockdown mode immediately securing doors and gates sending pre-recorded announcements around the buildings.

Book your free site visit now to see how we can integrate your existing system.



Netgenium have partnered with Hikvision offering an integrated soluon that combines Netgenium's IP PoE Speaker products and Hikvision's NVR and CCTV cameras

Audio Zoning

School Wide announcements to individual classrooms, wings or zones. Keeps your announcements relevant to the right audience and zoned IN!

Easy to Use

NGxControl is a simple to use and easy to configure PC software application that allows a user to control the range of Netgenium IP PoE products from one screen.

Multiple Use

Public Address

 Class Change

Lockdown Alarm

Perimeter Security

Music Streaming

Get the maximum use out of your budget

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