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Plan a project with us? 


Design and Planning

We can help you design your systems, to work on electric gates, front doors, blocks of flats. We can scale the system to your requirements.



The system can be used in a home, with a single entry phone and montior, or can be scaled to have hundreds of entry phones and screens, with main station systems for large offices and blocks of flats.


High End Hikvision Technology

We offer the latest kit, all with a 3 year manufacturers warranty and a back up and support service you would expect from a Which? Trusted Trader.

The cost of a basic system is £600.


This includes:
1 x outdoor station, 
1 x indoor touch screen station 
1 x Network POE power supply switch

With this system you can add up to 8 devices. for instance, 2 external door stations and 6 internal touch screen stations.

This price does not include cable or labour to fit, just the equipment. The labour cost and amount of cable required will depend on the installation itself, location of venue, location of kit within the venue, how long it will take to run the cable, etc. 



Example Pricing

A site visit will be required before an accurate quote can be given.

Home Renovations

The perfect time to upgrade your home security with and Alarm, CCTV and Entry system, hiding away all the cables and running a new Cat5 wiring system.

Our Workmanship

We have OCD - Obsessive Cable Disorder! We hate seeing visible cables. They will be concealed wherever possible.

If any of our work falls below your expectations, tell us and we will sort it out! We will not put our name on shoddy workmanship.


Wherever possible, all cable routing will be invisible. This may involve some ground work and trenching, which is always clearly explained and agreed before work commences.


If an electrician is required, we can advise you accordingly on what needs to be done, so the electrician knows exactly what they have to do.

Commercial Installation

We can install a system for any office or business, school or retail. The system can be scaled to meet any requirement.

Internal Flooring

We do not lift any flooring except carpet. The only time we do this is when there is no other alternative, and then, we will only peel back the edge and refit.

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