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specialists in DIGITAL EVIDENCE

Court Presentation Ready DVDs from

CCTV, Mobile Phone Movies,

Video Cameras, etc.


We can: 


                ~ Produce any CCTV footage, mobile phone video, facebook/twitter/youtube/dailymotion                         video etc into a court room ready DVD presentation.


                ~ Edit audio from mobile phone recordings and other audio devices into a court room DVD.


                ~ Edit footage from video cameras with tapes assuming they have a streaming out                                   function.


                ~ Edit photos into a DVD, and we can edit all of the above into a story board of events.


We do all this with the knowledge, training and skills gained from 5 years in the Police CCTV evidence department called the VIIDO.

CCTV Downloading Service

You can instruct us to download CCTV.

callout fee  £48

p/hr dowloading  £48


Digital Evidence Retrieval

We can obtain digital evidence from any streaming source online, i.e. Youtube, Facebook video, etc. Once complete you will receive it on DVD along with our witness statement. Any editing/viewing then refer to CCTV editing price plan.


per download (not  per image)  £48

digital evidence creation p/hr   £48

CCTV Editing

If required, we can edit the downloaded/provided footage. It will be burnt to disc in the format you require, whether edited or in its original format as per your requirements.


p/hr    £86.40

Audio and Image Retrieval

We can obtain Audio directly from devices such as ipods, mobile phones, etc. creating the digital evidence from it. The same with images from cameras and mobiles,


per download (not  per image)  £48

digital evidence creation p/hr   £48

CCTV Viewing Service

You can instruct us to view large amounts of CCTV footage. For editing, DVD or statements relating to this footage, refer to CCTV editing service prices.

p/hr £48

Court Presentation DVD

All the evidence obtained can be compiled into a 'court room ready' DVD storyboard. This process must comply with the Data Protection act and Home Office guidelines in the handling of digital evidence and is now classed as a forensic discipline, Each stage of the process is accountable and may take weeks to create.

A free consultation is necessary before commencement to agree on the requirements. We will then attend court and give evidence if required by the court.


p/h £86.40

We also offer a CCTV Expert Witness Service

 p/h £360

All prices are VAT Inclusive

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