The system is fantastic ! Still tweaking settings on the NVR but it’s all up and running.

Very pleased with the quality of cameras I went with 3mp Hikvsion dome cameras which are very neat and can actually exceed 1080p although I have set it at 1080p at the moment until I get a sense of the storage and how quickly it fills up with 4 cameras (I have a 4tb HDD at the moment). Been experimenting with stills and cropping into some shots and it all seems very positive.

I went with a Hikvision 8 port NVR to allow me to add cameras in future, I can also add additional hard drives if I need the extra storage.

The IP system was a little bit more expensive but I thought was worth it for a couple of reasons ….. the cameras can easily be upgraded beyond 1080p in future and the general architecture of the system was familiar to me like having a network of computers sitting on IP addresses.

Obviously I can’t make a direct comparison with HD-TVI which I’ve never had but I’m very happy with this …. A great investment and a very neat installation by the guys !!



Mark Stevens - Uxbridge

Supply, installation and maintenance of an advanced multi camera CCTV system. Installed quickly and efficiently at our convenience.
Which? Trusted Traders Consumer 01/06/2015

Well done Camsec

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